Thursday, December 17, 2009

Straight leg deadlifts

From Sporto a natural bodybuilder:

The way I perform my straight leg deadlifts is like this. Yes, I am completely aware that my legs aren't locked entirely straight - that is on purpose. I have a slight bend in the knees similar to what a RDL is only I don't sit back as far and I don't stop just below the knees...I go straight down and all the way to the floor. That's why I label this as a hybrid. Either way, this completely fries my glutes and high hamstrings, so however it may look, it certainly works for me! I admit the quality is a little bad, but that's because it was taken with my phone at the time. Enjoy!


Bryce said...

Looks exactly like what I call an RDL, and these have become a very important part of my training of late. I do them in a slow eccentric/quick concentric fashion, and I feel the are amazing for hamstring flexibility/strength/hypertrophy.

Good stuff . . . this is not a weak man.

Chad said...

It is also a safe lift, done everyday by housewives (among others) everywhere. But here in the States, you'll have Physical Therapists cringing at that move, telling people to not even think about lifting a pillow in that fashion! Even though, as shown here, mechanically, it can be safe.

Jaime said...

Provided you hip hinge correctly, and properly execute hip extension (vs trunk flexion and rounding of the spine *as most people who pick things up tend to do*), there's nothing wrong wth this lift.

It's a solid posterior chain move; as I'm sure most PTs would agree.