Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Vitamin D

The benefits of Vitamin D keep coming:

High levels of vitamin D in older people can reduce heart disease and diabetes

Dr Franco said: "We found that high levels of vitamin D among middle age and elderly populations are associated with a substantial decrease in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

"Targeting vitamin D deficiency in adult populations could potentially slow the current epidemics of cardiometabolic disorders."


Anonymous said...

Have you run across this study suggesting too little vitamin D leads to increased diseases but too much leads to premature aging? http://www.kaluefflab.com/pdfs/publications/2009Touhimma.pdf

Chris said...

interesting. thanks

TedHutchinson said...

Higher serum vitamin D concentrations are associated with longer leukocyte telomere length in women
this research suggests the opposite.

The mouse vitamin D economy is significantly different from human requirements. Mouse astrocyte structure and function is far more limited than human brains and the calcium (hence vitamin d) requirement is totally different. Mice are more active at night and nocturnal animals generally get their vitamin D primarily from eating plants and fungi that have made D2 after being irradiated with sunshine.
It is dangerous to extrapolate from mouse studies to human requirements.
We only started observing Vitamin D toxicity when we started using Vitamin D2 as this isn't the form of vitamin D humans function best with.
Human bodies use Vitamin D3 best but vitamin D3 (at huge concentrations)is poison for rats/mice.

Mike T Nelson said...

Good stuff as always Chris!!

We are only just starting to see issues with Vit D since we are inside way too much and are extremely Vit D deficient.

Any time we make up for a deficiency we will see massive improvements.

Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)
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