Monday, April 5, 2010

Paleo and dairy

Dairy is one of the controversial topics. I tend to agree with PaNu and Peter that dairy is (probably) OK.

Interesting to see this though:

Stone Age Scandinavians unable to digest milk

The hunter-gatherers who inhabited the southern coast of Scandinavia 4,000 years ago were lactose intolerant. This has been shown by a new study carried out by researchers at Uppsala University and Stockholm University. The study, which has been published in the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology, supports the researchers' earlier conclusion that today's Scandinavians are not descended from the Stone Age people in question but from a group that arrived later.

I am not making too much of it, just noting it as an interesting bit of news.


Natural Athlete said...

And Yet Modern Scandinavians are HMM maybe were not cavemen in industrial world after all. Maybe we evolved a little bit.

Chris said...

I think lots of us are able to handle milk.

Natural Athlete said...

Yeah sorry for the snide tone there. I just think we need to face the fact that while the paleo diet is effective it does not follow that it is optimal. If the basic thesis that were unchanged since paleo times is untenable we need to stop using it as our overarching theory of diet.

Jake said...

My ancestors came from the Southern Coast of Norway. I have had a genetic test done which shows that I should be lactose intolerant. And guess what-I am.

Very interesting.