Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Careful with the Glucosamine!

This is a bit disturbing

High doses or prolonged use of glucosamine causes the death of pancreatic cells and could increase the risk of developing diabetes, 

So, all those people taking this for their sore joints need to exercise some caution

"The key point of our work is that glucosamine can have effects that are far from harmless and should be used with great caution," concluded Professor Picard.

The results obtained by Picard and his team coincide with recent studies that cast serious doubt on the effectiveness of glucosamine in treating joint problems.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean "serious doubt regarding effectiveness"? There was never any substantial evidence in the first place.

Billy Oblivion said...

Yeah, one study on elderly folks with osteoarthritis doesn't translate well to 20/30/40 year old athletes with ACL issues or tears in the cartilage etc.

Then there is this:

mark74 said...

From the link above:

"In our experiments, we used doses five to ten times higher than that recommended by most manufacturers, or 1,500 mg/day,"

AFAICT, 1500 mg/day is what has been used in most clinical trials..?