Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Danny on his bike again

I will get on the bandwagon with this one.  Danny is back.  This is phenomenal. 

I live in Edinburgh so know lots of the places featured here, both in the city and further out to North Berwick , the island of Inchmerry.  Then some great highland scenery as he heads home to Skye.  Skye in sunshine is amazing - it is usually raining!


Marc said...

That's pretty unbelievable.
Beautiful video.
My son's mouth was hanging open while watching ;-)
Thanks for sharing Chris.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't normally watch an eight-minute YouTube video, but since a friend is moving to Edinburgh in Jan, I did. This was simply awesome. Thank you for posting it.

Michael said...

It looks like Parcour on a bike! Great video!

David said...

He's like Erwan Le Corre on a bike. Unbelievable skills.

Stephen said...

It's not often I quote Keanu Reeves films but a line from Speed seems appropriate here: "You're not too bright man, but ya got some big round hairy cajones". While I wouldn't wish to question Danny Macaskill's intelligence, his cajone rating is unquestionable.

Simply breathtaking and as a fellow Edinburgher, great to see the city so beautifully portrayed.