Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sugar sends you mad

first of a few posts highlighting some interesting news releases over the last couple of days:

Scientist shows link between diet and onset of mental illness

It is worth reading the report....and I know it is in mice etc but the bit that caught my eye was:

Garner's study raises questions of how diet might be affecting other behavioral or mental illnesses such as autism, Tourette syndrome, trichotillomania and skin-picking. He said that before now, a link between diet and the onset of mental disorders hadn't been shown.

"What if the increase of simple sugars in the American diet is contributing to the increase of these diseases?" Garner said. "Because we fed the mice more tryptophan than in the typical human diet, this experiment doesn't show that, but it certainly makes it a possibility."
Excess frutose again?  Imagine.....more sugar causing disease.  Whatever will they come up with next!

UPDATE see the excellent analysis of this article at Paul's Perfect Health Diet


Paul Jaminet said...

Chris, thanks for showing me this link! I did a post on it here.

Best, Paul

Unknown said...

Hi Chris, at first I thought it was excess fructose as well (as the news reports indicated 8x the sugar was added to the treatment diet), but when I looked at the paper, dextrose (glucose-glucose) was used. Which makes the answer as to why the mice got worse more interesting, and probably more troubling.

Unknown said...

Sorry, dextrose is just glucose. Maltose is glucose-glucose. Ive been screwing that one up the past few days.