Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fertility study and fat consumption

My girlfriend -  a PhD immunologist -  pointed this out to me.  She said:

I came across this abstract but have attached the paper but not read it. In the results infertile women consumed more polyunsaturated fat (OR 1.23), less saturated fat (OR 0.83) and had more hangovers (OR 1.02), a significant but marginal effect (2%).  But the conclusions say that alcohol use is something that needs to be addressed.  There was stuff on the BBC website yesterday that alcohol consumption has decreased since 2004...  But hey, you can't mention polyunsaturated fat being bad for you!

Pass the butter.


Anonymous said...

I've seen similar figures for NZ alcohol sales, though I am suspicious of them. Do the sales figures stem purely from on-license sales? In NZ, you can buy very cheap beer & wine & alcopops in the supermarket. And then there is the fact that alcohol concentrations in wine and the female preference - candy waters - so less may be being consumed by volume, but they are still consuming more alcohol.

I've seen some scary papers on the biochemical similarity between fructose and EtOH as far as your liver as concerned. Fructose also has a major effect on fertility by trashing SHBG levels.

Paul Jaminet said...

The alcohol could be bad because of the polyunsaturated fat ... the two don't mix, as we point out in our book.

Anonymous said...

beer has phytoestrogens too, since many many woman who have fertility problems also have ridiculous estrogen problems, there may be a correlation. ibviously worse in the presence of unnatural pufas