Wednesday, February 9, 2011

nice jump

Here is Norik Vardanian jumping over 5ft box

and lifting big weight

and this is his Dad:


John said...

I put Yurik's top performances alongside Suleymanoglu's and Alexeyev's, yet he is far less well known. I guess that's what happens with middle weight classes (or lack of several Olympic medals). They don't lift the most, and they don't lift the most per bodyweight.

Tom said...

I could see the wires pulling him up. Just kidding. That's a pretty impressive jump.

Unknown said...

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Faith Ellens said...

WOW! I couldn't even more exaggerate how wowed I am watching him! Great job!!

Ian@HomeWorkoutBlog said...

Explosiveness, flexibility, strength (obviously) - olympic lifting athletes push the boundaries!

Any guesses on Mr. Vardanian's vertical jump?

I would be curious to see an elite olympic lifter such as this gentleman participate in the NFL combine, just to compare scores with Pro Football prospects.

I imagine he runs a pretty quick 40 yds as well.

Thanks for the videos,