Sunday, March 20, 2011

ITB....everything is connected to everything

I liked watching this

Never mind the specifics of what he is saying, the whole video reminded me of things I been learning, particularly in chatting to Colin.  Everything is connected to everything else.   You can't look at one muscle in isolation from the rest of the body.  Of course this ties in to the Anatomy Trains / Fascia approach that I have pointed to before

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, brilliant video Chris. Thanks for putting that up! As someone who spent 5 years attached to a physiotherapy clinic, you have no idea how many battles I would have with the physio's regarding the no ice thing (waste of time IMHO) and the no stretching of the ITB. I just cannot see the point in trying to get people to stretch a length of fascia that might only have 2-5% stretch in it if you are lucky, when the problem comes from the muscles feeding into the band. In nearly every person I have seen with ITB issues, they have limited ROM in their hip joint, have weak glutes, and overuse their hamstrings as the primary hip extensors. Runners with weak glutes (the majority) will tend to try and use TFL to compensate for the weak glutes, leading to TFL having too much traction on the ITB relative to glutes.

Great stuff.