Thursday, June 9, 2011

More on sitting

John sent me a link to this interesting piece on the dangers of sitting.

 Smoking cigarettes is the cause of so much preventable, deadly disease. But now new research shows sitting for long stretches of time may be just as dangerous.

There was another study about this I spotted recently too (via a Dr Eades Tweet) - Just one day of sitting, even if eating is reduced to compensate, markedly decreases insulin sensitivity

Effects of 1 day of inactivity on insulin action in healthy men and women: interaction with energy intake

Daily activity is a must.


Anonymous said...

the evidence is mounting.. I really gotta do something. I sit in lectures the half day and the other half i sit at my laptop or at the piano..

Scott said...

Comparing sitting to smoking is epic. I wonder if we'll soon have health insurance rate discounts for people with stand up desks?

Tim D said...

Wow! I always new that inactivity was bad for you but this brings it to another level. I sit all day at work, but do workout one hour a day four times per week. The study you noted talked about how one hour of cardio per day wasn't enough if you sit too long. I will make sure from now on that every hour I will get up from my desk for at least 15 minutes and do some jumping jacks, burpees or pushups.

Thanks for the post,


The Underwear Body said...

It's sad/scary how so many of the things we've designed into the modern way of life just don't work for our health. I've been making an effort to move more lately (always helps that it's Summer) and it makes such a difference