Monday, July 11, 2011


I am thinking a lot about walking at the moment in preparation for an article I am writing for TGO magazine

There are several journal articles I've been reading but particularly useful has been:

Dynamic Principles of Gait and Their Clinical Implications

which is a review of the biomechanics of walking.

Most of my thought is shaped by the principles of POSE though and Romanov's key fundamental that we are mainly trying to deal with and work under gravity.  His piece on Pose walking technique has been useful and is similar to the ideas of MovNat. 

Mark Sisson's piece is valuable too.

It all builds together - a more efficient gait will allow you to go further with less effort and with less potential for injury.

I FORGOT - This ebook is phenomenal 

Here are a couple of videos on technique too:

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FeelGoodEating said...

Half off topic...
"Running while jumping Rope prevents over striding" (what you're reading)

That is very neat and a great idea. She has percect balance of middle of foot and front foot strike.
I will try tomorrow and check my form.

FWIW, my son just a few years older than the girl in the video (I'm guessing) runs barefoot all the time and while we play on the street in our neighborhood.
Whenever he puts on shoes his foot strike is so loud, compared to barefoot and his nice not audible landing. I asked him and pointed it out, His answer...."it's like i don't khow to run with shoes on dad....I don't know if that sounds weird dad....but thats what it feels like"

I just thought that was really interesting....

Thanks for the post.