Friday, July 22, 2011

Squatting.....not an exercise but an expression of health

I thought that this was a superb article:

Squatting - An Expression of Health

Squatting is a movement that we all need for everyday activity and one of the purist expressions of health.  If your patients can’t squat or can’t squat without pain then this MUST be addressed, and addressed just as closely as the primary reason they first presented to you.  To no one’s surprise this particular athlete had difficulty recruiting her glutes and therefore was utilizing her poor hamstrings as the primary mover instead – a recipe for hamstring strains and continued pain.

A closer look into how your patients move might just reveal that their troubling squat pattern is the underlying cause to the problem that brought them in to see you in the first place

This is something that Colin Gordon has spoken to me about.

A related idea comes up in this post from Todd with this video from Frank Forencich

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