Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stretching....another review

I've had stuff here before about stretching usually saying that it is a waste of time.

I spotted a new review - well the abstract anyway.  It agrees that static stretching can negatively impact performance but concludes:

The detrimental effects of static stretch are mainly limited to longer durations (≥60 s) which may not be typically used during pre-exercise routines in clinical, healthy or athletic populations. Shorter durations of stretch (<60 s) can be performed in a pre-exercise routine without compromising maximal muscle performance.

Effect of Acute Static Stretch on Maximal Muscle Performance: A Systematic Review.

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Con said...

The trouble with studies like this is that they mis-inform new coaches and if this info is then fed to the general public or practitioner and non-practitioner alike then it does more harm than good.

The baby gets thrown out with the bath water.

I can take an athlete and static stretch one muscle group for periods of longer than 60 seconds and increase performance. In fact, for less than 30 seconds (depending on the degree of tightness) there won't be any improvement in performance at all.

Have I got a study to prove it? No.

As with most things in life - it depends on the context and the reasoning behind the action.