Tuesday, February 7, 2012

our genome is not prepared for grains


Anonymous said...

this is bullshit. Look at the Asians they eat rice (grain) all the time and they live longer than most. Have a read of the book 'The China Study' by Dr T. Campbell.

Anonymous said...

Not bullshit.

Dan said...

The China Study has been debunked.

terrence said...

The China Study has been debunked. - COMPLETELY DEBUNKED, TOTALLY DEBUNKED

Chris said...

Yup, thoroughly debunked:






Chris said...

Rice of course is up for debate

Chris said...

interestgnly this video was actually one of a set that Matt Stone took at a recent conference to show how many different interpretations there are on a healthy diet. As ever his post is worth reading


Anonymous said...

"low enough body fat%....by eating a standard american diet"?? This is absolutely laughable. So you cut down to sub 5% body fat gorging on hamburgers and freedom fries? The standard american diet(too much fast/processed food) is the cause of most of their obesity/health problems mate...not grains.
also...steroid use leads to high blood pressure. just sayin.