Monday, February 27, 2012

Physical activity is good, but not if it is part of your job

The health paradox of occupational and leisure-time physical activity

Conclusion The hypothesis was rejected. In a dose–response manner, occupational physical activity increased the risk for LTSA (Long-term sickness absence), while leisure-time physical activity decreased the risk for LTSA. The findings indicate opposing effects of occupational and leisure-time physical activity on global health.

Interesting.   We are always told of the benefits of activity, but in the context of "work" it seems that it is not as healthy.  There will be lots of factors here - the repetitive nature of work, the psychological stress, the fact that physical jobs tend to be low paid and  so other elements of health may be missing - but I like to think that this illustrates the value of what Mark Sisson talks about in terms of play.  Work by definition is not playful.

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Chris Pine said...

The emotions that you are experiencing while exercising are very important.

If you are having a good time while exercising, then it is great for your health, but if you aren't having a great time, you are probably damaging yourself.

If you are jogging because you think it is healthy, but you hate jogging, then you aren't doing yourself any favors at all.

This is why dancing is such a great exercise, because it is usually fun.