Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Again, strength training improves cardiovascular fitness

Following on from the paper last week from James Steele, here is another study which says that strength training improves cardio fitness:

Effects of two different quadriceps strengthening exercise approaches on cardiovascular fitness in healthy female subjects: A single blind randomized study.

Objective: There are limited number of documents showing the relations between cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. This study aimed to determine the effects of two different quadriceps strengthening exercise approaches on cardiovascular fitness in healthy female subjects.

Methods: Forty female university students participated in this study on a voluntary basis. The participants were randomly assigned to do either isokinetic exercise (IE) or progressive resistive exercise (PRE) in two different groups. Both training schemes were performed three times a week for a period of two weeks. The subjects were given a maximum symptom limited exercise test on a treadmill before and after (each) training period.

Results: Total exercise duration increased and Borg scale level decreased significantly after training in the two groups (p < 0.05). Maximal systolic blood pressure, recovery heart rate, and recovery diastolic blood pressure decreased significantly in the IE Group (p < 0.05). Resting and recovery systolic blood pressure decreased significantly in the PRE Group (p < 0.05). Compared to PRE group, improvement for Borg Scale level, recovery heart rate and recovery diastolic blood pressure were more obvious in IE Group (p < 0.05).

Conclusions: This study demonstrated that both quadriceps strengthening methods have displayed improvements in cardiovascular fitness. Further research with larger sample groups may need to be carried out.


Unknown said...

It is true that strength exercises improves cardiovascular fitness. I really appreciate your post. Thanks for sharing.
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Unknown said...

I've been saying this for a while now. Anyone who understands anything about fitness knows that mind, body, and spirit all must be moving in the same direction. Given that fact, it goes without saying that strength training will aide cardiovascular training. Happy to see scientific studies backing up what i already thought!

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Chris D said...

Here's the problem with all of these studies -- they are too tactical. Yes strength training will improve cardiovascular fitness in the short term --- Runners have been training this way for years, Build base, increase sprints, move to near total sprint workouts.

Then the cycle continues. Every strategic study (i.e. weight training for 4+ months) has shown a significant reduction in cardiovascular performance.

Anonymous said...

To develop endurance, you must do endurance exercise. The adaptations are not the same as strength training. The health benefits of endurance training are well demonstrated. Strength training has it's own benefits, especially for older people. but it appears that some of both is good. The HIT mantra of "Strength training good/aerobics bad, is nonsense.