Friday, February 7, 2014

Read the Superheroes of Health - Alan Aragon, Leigh Peele, Matt Stone and others......

I don't normally use this blog to promote products, but this is different.  Just launched is a new bundle of ebooks and audio interviews from some of the most respected voices of reason in health and fitness.  My Hillfit book is included in the bundle but even without it, I'd be recommending this package. 

Over the last couple of years you will have noticed that I have been preaching a gospel of simplicity, encouraging people to focus on the basics: avoiding stress, getting enough sleep, doing some exercise, walking and eating sensible.  I'm been moving away from the fad diets, the magic bullets, the secret exercises and routines.  Disillusioned with the hype, drama and dogma I've been getting back to patience and just being happy with being lean, strong and fit....enough!  Being satisfied and not pushing for a perfection that will not come.

The voices of reason

In all this journey I've been influenced by some important writers and many of them have books in this package:

Alan Aragon , Amber Rogers / GoKaleo, Evelyn Kocur (Carbsane), James Fell, Antonio Valladares, Leigh Peele,  Matt Stone, Nia Shanks, Sean Bissell, Sean Flanagan

Alan Aragon, Leigh Peele and Matt Stone are three of the leading voices of sense and reason in the weird world of fitness on the internet.  This bundle brings together new works from each of them  PLUS material from a bunch of other great authors. (I am honoured to be included!)

There is over $500 worth of sense and reason within these pages, including original work from each of the heroes. Whether you’ve been following them for years or are only now learning of their exploits, you won’t find these volumes together anywhere else but here.

In the digital age where bad nutrition advice gets passed around like a rumour and called “science”...

where sound, enduring, fitness information gets buried under impossible standards and the latest hokey, hot-selling trend...

where drugs, surgery, and photoshop are used to make “normal” people feel completely ashamed.....

The Superheroes of Health are here to save the day.

The leading independent and unaffiliated voices in the health industry
have come together at long last to create a collection of books,
articles, and exclusive interviews to set you straight.

Nowhere will you find any propaganda from brainwashed vegans, cultists, cavemen, or the remaining seven people who still think the Atkins diet is the solution to all of mankind’s troubles. No dogma, gurus, fads, or fantasy allowed.

Instead, the Superheroes of Health bring you an unprecedented collection of honest, groundbreaking, fundamental truths by the health industry’s most unbiased and well-informed researchers.

These fundamental truths will help you to:
  • Gain strength and muscle safely and efficiently
  • Lose body fat without extreme dietary restriction, macronutrient ping-pong, gnawing hunger, metabolic obliteration, or unsustainable exercise programs
  • Maintain a relentlessly positive body image even in today’s modern environment
  • Learn the ten fundamental principles of a healthy diet (hint: gluten-free isn’t one of them)
  • Improve your sex life
  • Discover the latest and greatest breakthroughs in health technologies
  • Distinguish factual science from guru hype, quackery, and financial agendas
  • Balance your blood sugar for a more stable mood and better sleep
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Master exercise nutrition for better workouts and a higher metabolism
  • Obliterate stress with simple but often forgotten strategies
  • Eliminate binge eating and food addiction—without avoiding the foods you feel hooked on
  • And otherwise help you become master of your own body—no longer dependent on a fickle and flaky diet industry to guide your health decisions

All this can be found in the Superheroes of Health Bundle of Awesome—an extensive collection of books, articles, essays, and audio recordings from the most notorious pioneers and renegades in health, fitness, and nutrition.

Sold individually you would spend over $500 to acquire this extensive collection. Purchase it today for just $67 and save an additional $32.

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Neal said...

Awesome. I'm always looking to narrow my reading to difference makers and I wasn't familiar with some of these folks. Thanks much.