Saturday, June 7, 2014


I am still here although this blog has gone quiet. My work has been very busy leaving little time or energy for posting things here. 

I've become somewhat disillusioned by much of the drama in the online fitness/health/diet world. The debates are religious in nature with heretics fighting strange arcane battles while 90% of the world just get fatter and less active. 

I am also less inclined to give much attention to the alternative, new or faddish approaches. Ecclesiastes has it right - there is nothing new under the sun. Certainly the science is interesting and is discovering things, but there is little justification for the tabloid excitement about some new diet or exercise.  

I think the mainstream science  is generally right. Conspiracy theory is for the crazies. 

This year I've leaned out for summer by simply cutting calories - no Paleo, IF, high protein. Just being normal.  I lift weights with no special protocol. I walk. I even run sometimes. I stretch too. 

Eat well. Not too much. Move. Lift weights. Sleep. Laugh. Spend time outside. Relax. 

So I have little to contribute. sums up most of my thoughts. 

I'll be back when I have more time and energy. 


Drew Seibert said...

Refreshing honesty, thank you.

Chris Sturdy said...

Truth. Seems to work for me, too.

Tony said...

I couldn't agree more! I have been interested lately in learning more about some of the Eastern thoughts on medicine, etc. As for the have it 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

Chris -

I wouldn't even worry about diet composition or weight-gain. Clearly, getting fatter isn't killing us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Good to see you back, and especially good to see your insights again...they so match my own.

If you sit back and look at the healthiest, longest-lived populations, there are no extremes exposed: they eat fresh foods and little of them, move around, laugh, love, don't obsess (especially about diet and exercise!) and just plain live. You just can't market that, yet people as a whole don't want that utter simplicity.

I, for one, do want that simplicity, and I think that's why I continue to check your site, hoping to know I am not alone in sitting back and finding most of what is online these days pure horse crap.

Thanks for popping up from time to time and sharing your thoughts, even the disillusioned ones. I think I'll wander over to your Hillfit site more often now. I am glad you are posting there, too.

All the best. Keep the faith.


Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant I plan to visit Cairn in the Mist more your hike stories and the pics are amazing.

Take care!


Stuart Gilbert said...

Hi Chris,
I mirror the comments and compliments about your post from those who have already posted. you may not be posting much on here now, but when you do it is always quality and common sense. You truly are one of the only few reliable sources around.

Anonymous said...

"I think the mainstream science is generally right. Conspiracy theory is for the crazies. "

You can also cut off your balls and put them on your plate to eat them!!!!

FeelGoodEating said...

Hey old friend!

From your post I can ascertain you are doing just fine :-)

The only think I will add is to say that "mainstream is generally right... AT that point in time"

Due to all the crazy funding there is also simply a lot of conflict of interest.

Live life, stay busy with activities you enjoy. many people grew old with their nose in books and never did anything active ever. One size does NOT fit all and a happy state of mind is of prime importance.

I have not been posting much either...
I eat well, I play outside, I make love to wife a lot, I play with my kids, I do my best in my job...
life doesnt need to be so complicated.


Anonymous said...

Infrequent posting is fine. Preferred even.
No need to apologize.

Anonymous said...

So you've stopped searching for the holy grail (s)? It's only taken how many years (with a pretty good website too)? Now you are enlightened. Now, don't be too much of a skeptic and start taking some stands. Figure out why some methods are better (for you) than others. Hint: it won't be because "it works" while others don't. Good luck.

Nick Efthimiou said...

After nearly a decade in health and fitness, I've realised the most important thing is getting people to take action and stay consistent with that action.

What kind of action they take doesn't matter as much as the fact they are taking it.

Jammy K said...

The Key of Being fit is not being involves in complex stuff but to do very simple things like do some workout and maintain the consistency and eat healthy food. Many times i also gets confused by lots of online fitness experts explaining the different fitness tips.
Anyways you have made it very clear.

Hugo said...

Great advices. People are crazies for health. Simple and objective.