Saturday, September 15, 2007

Intermittent Fasting interview

This is not referring to a particular scientific study, but is relevant to one of the areas we've looked at over recent weeks. I have previously put up a few studies about intermittent fasting (IF) an approach to eating that has gained a fair bit of attention on the internet recently, e.g. here or here. I also have a link on this site to Fast5, a free book which is a good basic introduction to IF and ther is an advert for the Warrior Diet.

Martin Berkhan is looking at this way of eating, with a few tweaks, primarily for body re-composition purposes - i.e. generally trying to increase muscle mass while reducing fat.

Martin's blog has pointed to a really useful interview that he has done with Leigh Peel. It explains a bit of his background, experience with and approach to IF.

you can read the interview by clicking here

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