Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gary Taubes Interview

The Modern Forager (a very nice blog) points to an interview with Gary Taubes.

Taubes is the controversial science journalist who is getting people to think about low carb diets again with his book Good Calories Bad Calories. (I've read it, it is great.)

His recent article Does Exercise Really Make us Thinner? is pretty thought provoking too.

This book by the way is being sold as "The Diet Delusion" in the UK for some reason.


Sheryl Blystone said...

Great interview. I suggested my clients listen up and will read his book. I've had incredible success with this eating approach, though I believe exercise is underrated in his philosophy.

Chris said...

Thanks Sheryl. I've been eating low carb / paleo for a couple of years now, but am not strict at weekends. I enjoy it and have lost my sweet tooth totally. I recently added a couple of days of IF every week which is good too.