Monday, November 26, 2007

Ross Enamait's Full Throttle Conditioning - A Review

As promised.....

Full Throttle Conditioning
“Most athletes know the importance of conditioning, but are not willing to put in the work to develop this weapon. Separate yourself from this mediocre group. You do not need fancy equipment. You do not need anything but you own refusal to accept anything but your best.”

What you get

  • A 90 page book – which explains the basics of the energy systems that your body uses and then details how to put together effective conditioning routines.
  • A 1hr 48 minute DVD – Ross clearly puts forward the rationale behind the routines, demonstrates various exercises and how to put them together.

The book

The book is 90 pages of dense yet accessible information. It starts with the scientific rationale for the routines, explaining in a very understandable way how the energy systems work and how to train them. This is an excellent structure - starting with the ultimate foundations for training and building routines on that basis.

Ross has written several superb books in the past – most notably Infinite Intensity and Never Gymless. You might therefore think that this book would merely repeat what was already in those texts. Here is the pleasant surprise – this is new material, put together in a novel way.

The video

Ross’ site already has a number of inspiring and motivating videos which accompany and illustrate some articles. For example:

• Hardcore Training
• Budget Training 

• The Home Gym
• Low-Tech High-Effect 

• Video Clip Logic

Those videos will give you a flavour of what you get in this package. However, Ross uses the 1 hour and 48 minutes of this video to go to a new depth. Again, he develops the scientific basis of, and the rationale for, the routines that he proposes, explaining how to use the principles that he puts forward to construct different conditioning routines.


This is the unbelievable bit. Ross is charging $25 for this package. The book or DVD alone could easily be sold for two or three times that amount, but he is offering both products for this price. The value is outstanding. That Ross is offering this material for this price is a testimony to his integrity and honesty in wanting to get this material out to help as many people as he can.


Ross is the “real deal”. A hardcore athlete and coach who bases what he does and teaches on both genuine science (with the references to back it up) and experience from the trenches. This product could easily be sold for three times the price and it would still be good value. At this price everyone should make this purchase.

I do not have any financial or business relationship with Ross. I simply believe that this is the best product that I have ever come across in the field. The value is unbelievable and makes this an essential buy.

The video below will give you an idea of what you will get:


CrossFitCS said...

Chris, how much is delivery?

Chris said...


shipping was $11, so it is $36 all in. With the current exchange rate you can basically half that so it is about £18. It got here (Edinburgh) in 6 days from the order. Excellent stuff, but Ross's materials always are.

CrossFitCS said...

cool will order a copy tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Chris, nice review. I "met" Ross when I started fitness bootcamp and googled "burpees". Hated finding out what that meant, but loved finding him. I bought his other books immediately, and as an athlete/martial artist -- I truly appreciate Ross's real-person tone... he tells it as he LIVES it. I ordered this dvd sight-unseen.
I'm a CrossFitter (too, HEY DAVIE! funny finding you here, small world haha!)
I blog on Ross's forum, I get invaluable info frm his website. You are on-the-money to endorse this product.

Chris said...

Cheers Kath. I first came across him about 3 or 4 years ago with his early manuals Ultimate Training For The Ultimate Warrior and Underground Warrior Fitness. They were good but the quality of production was not great. Infinite Intensity and Never Gymless are fantastic though and also well constructed and printed. This new package is great.

He is a superb athlete and writes well too. Some other products have you paying double his prices or more for books filled with adverts or empty pages and lots of huge photos. He comes across as a nice guy too.


Anonymous said...


Could you compare and contrast this program with what you would get from Alwyn Cosgrove's Afterburn? If you had to get just one of them which would it be?


Chris said...

Hi Albert

Personally I'd get the Ross package, but they are really about different things.

I have Afterburn so actually can compare

For $59.99 Afterburn gets you a ring binder with 117 photocopied pages. There is an introduction to energy systems training, EPOC and interval training and a short introductory chapter on nutrition. Cosgrove then lays out a 16 week programme of resistance exercise routines and diet focussed on fat loss. The programmes are generally about training three times a week alternating between two different whole body workouts, built around supersets and very specific rep range and tempos. There are photos of the exercises and fairly detailed descriptions

It is OK as far as it goes but you could probably find most of the material on the internet e.g.:


It is also pretty similar to the turbulence training programme.

So, it is $60 for a ring binder of photocopies of very specific routines focussed on fat loss. If that is what you want - fine

This Ross package is $25 for a DVD and accompanying book. In its own right, the book is 90 pages spiral bond, very well produced. It is not about prescribing a 16 week programme, but giving you the tools to put together your own conditioning routines. Ross takes you through the science with an overview of the energy systems, looks at intervals, fat loss, circuit training and programme design and then lays out some sample workouts. Then there is the DVD - 1 hour 48 mins of "lecture" and demonstration - Ross explains the reasons behind what he prescribes and then demonstrates the exercises and routines.

In terms of value, Ross wins. I'd also say that in terms of information Ross wins - most of Afterburn is just describing 16 weeks worth of workouts, with some repetition. Even in terms of fat loss I'd say Ross wins. The difference really is that Cosgrove gives you a 16 week plan to follow to the letter. Ross gives you the information to put your own routines together, if you think for yourself.

Hope this helps


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williebr said...

On the 16wk program vs. the book/DVD full of info for you to "put it together yourself" idea:

Putting it together is called program design. Program design is a HIGH level skill. There is absolutely no reason to assume that a DVD or a 100pg book will make you any good at program design.

A collection of exercises does not a program make. It's just something to occupy free time. Better than doing nothing to be sure, but you can get far better results with more safety with 16wk program laid out by someone who actually knows what they're doing.

Physiological has the word "logic" in it, but not the word random.