Friday, January 11, 2008

Burpee Madness

On one of the forums that I frequent there has been some discussion recently about a test piece suggested by Bud Jeffries.

So here's the challenge:

You need either two 32kg kettlebells or one 150lb kettlebell or one 150lb t-handle Hungarian core blaster (I believe that's what Dan John calls it). It's simple. 20 sprawls or squat thrusts or whatever version of the burpee you like and 20 swings with 140-150lbs. Repeat five times as fast as possible.

There was some interesting subsequent discussion with some guys posting some pretty impressive times.

Anyway, it go me thinking about burpees and it is an excuse to post some good burpee related video!

The single leg burpee with dumbbells. Lots of balance work

A burpee plus snatch

Burpee Madness

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