Monday, January 28, 2008

Primal Conditioning

Just a couple of videos today:

first off some bodyweight stuff:

then Ross Enamait demonstrates several movements with a pair of homemade ab wheels. A more detailed discussion (with pictures) is provided at the link here. Nice bit of Pantera on the soundtrack too!


Sasquatch said...

Wow, that guy is a rock.

I just wanted to point out that you don't need a wheel to do those exercises. I just "walk out" with my hands on the floor. It's probably better for your whole core because it involves a rocking motion.

You can also do variations like walking out on your fingertips to strengthen your forearms. Thanks to Ross Enamait for this video; he has a lot of informative videos online if you look for them.

Chris said...

Thanks for the comment.

Ross is a tremendous athlete.

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