Monday, March 24, 2008

Chewing the fat....

I just wanted to point to a couple of recent blog posts on fat. In the past I've pointed to a few resources on cholesterol explaining that I am a bit of a sceptic regarding the "lipid hypothesis" (i.e. in simple terms, the idea that dietary cholesterol raises blood cholesterol which is bad for your health). Still, people continue with this idea that fat is bad for you.....

First of all, Brian has a nice post Is the omega-6:omega-3 ratio of beef relevant? in which he questions some of the assumptions about the fatty acid profiles of different meats.

Stephan has also posted a good piece on a very healthy fat: lard. The L Word - some interesting ideas there, e.g.,

Lard from pasture-raised pigs is the second-richest food source of vitamin D by weight, after cod liver oil.

If you are interested in other high fat science, have a look at Peter's Hyperlipid blog in which he explains his approach:

...... I eat a high fat diet, approximately 80% of calories from animal fat, with enough protein to meet my needs and enough carbohydrate to stay out of ketosis (just). After eating this way since June 2003 I feel better than I did as a teenager. I'm 52. I am always looking for evidence that I may be wrong to eat against most current medical advice.

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Debs said...

All this talk of fat is making me hungry.

I knew about the latter two blogs, but I hadn't seen that first one before. Thanks for the great links!