Friday, March 28, 2008

Proof of the pudding.....

I am not sure what I think of this.....

I have learned a lot from Paul Chek and enjoy his writings, for example this on abdominal training.

Mark Reifkind, whose knowledge of rehab and physio I rate highly, has written about the influence that Chek had on him here and here, in two excellent posts.

The point Chek makes in this video is quite pertinent - if someone is purporting to be an expert in training, diet or conditioning then they really should look the part.

Some of the New Agey stuff he is into does not really fit with me, but I think I can forgive the apparent madness as enthusiasm!

See what you think!

There is a whole series of his videos on Youtube.


Sue said...

He looks good! I agree that if you're going to follow someone's advice that person should look healthy.

Charles R. said...

Hey, some of that "new age" stuff has been around longer than those traditional eating patterns that we are not accepting as a good thing.

Chek is great. I am sitting one one of his balls right now...I mean one of his exercise balls.

It's great to hear someone who is so positive. And given that, and what he looks like, it's hard to argue that his approach isn't likely to be successful.

I've been reading his stuff for a long time, and he is a really smart guy.

Sue said...

LOL - I'm glad you cleared that up about the balls!

Chris said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

I really do like Chek. I think there are two sets of guys in the conditionin world. Those that base it all on science and those that try to take a bigger picture look at things. I am not yet sure where I think chek fits

Mike OD - IF Life said...

"If you can't teach in your underwear, you shouldn't be talking about health" Classic....I would certainly attend more seminars taught by women if that were the case!

Chek is ALL self taught and I think that is what makes him so smart IMO. I spent 8 hours in a day seminar with him....that guy is smart...and really out there on some of his stuff...but his basic principles are right on. Eat, Move and Be Healthy is a good read (although I don't buy into the metabolic typing aspect). His books are good, his certs are waaayyy too expensive.