Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Medicine Balls

There is an interesting article here on the history of medicine balls.

There is actually a fair bit of research out there on the functional / sport specific value of medicine ball training - especialy with respect to rotational srength. For example:

Effect of twelve weeks of medicine ball training on high school baseball players. - These data indicate that performing a 12-week medicine ball training program in addition to a stepwise periodized resistance training program with bat swings provided greater sport-specific training improvements in torso rotational and sequential hip-torso-arm rotational strength for high school baseball players.

Comparison of trunk kinematics in trunk training exercises and throwing. - Incorporating trunk training exercises ( the study included medicine ball throws) that demonstrate sufficient trunk ranges of motion and velocities into a strength and conditioning program may help to increase ball velocity and/or decrease the risk injury.

Can't resist this one, just for the comedy of it:

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Scott Kustes said...

And that is precisely why we use the NON-bouncing dballs for ball slams. Love seeing the beef cake get his face smashed. Haha! Thanks for my 7am laugh (Pacific time this weekend).

Scott Kustes