Thursday, May 15, 2008

how to dope a sprinter

this BBC news page has some interesting information on how Dwain Chambers managed his drug programme and avoided detection by the authorities.

There is also a video of his former Balco supplier, Victor Conte, explaining the doping regime.

I have a funny attitude towards steroids. I would never take them because I would be scared of causing myself harm. However I have known people who have taken the gear, although this was around 15-20 years ago when things were less sophisticated. The drugs worked I could see that. They grew fast and got strong.

Is it cheating though? Yes. But sometimes I think that you could argue that altitude training is cheating or that particularly streamlined swimsuits are cheating. People are never on an level playing field.

It doesn't seem right, but maybe we should not be so nieve. The world is a tough and unpleasant place. People use drugs.

What I don't like is the deception - the lies that people are clean when they are not. If they are on gear, fine admit it.

What do you think? What do we do?


terrence said...

I think any drug that enhances performance should be banned. I think what the USSR did with drugs was disgusting; their so-called athletes were conformist losers, regardless of whether they ‘won’ any contests. I find what the USSR did to so many of its ‘athletes’ historically curious, and shows how empty the totalitarian regime was (many people were seriously harmed by what they were often required to ingest).

Any so-called athlete who takes performance enhancing drugs should be banned from competitions, and any awards they have received should be voided. They should be publicly humiliated, scorned, and make fun of. If all athletes in a sport were taking performance enhancing drugs, I would have no interest it all (just as I have no interest in what some USSR ‘athletes’ did in contests).

You can find some really grotesque photos of seriously deformed 'body builders' who have over done it with steroids. I don’t recall who it was, but someone was lecturing a group of so-called ‘body builders’ and he pointed out the dangers of heavy steroid use; he pointed out that they would likely die early because of what they were doing. Some brain dead fool in the audience shouted out, ‘Die big’, and the other losers took it up and they ended up chanting, ‘Die big’, ‘Die big’. What a pathetic group of losers; they really should get psychological help. They are slowly committing suicide.

AT22 said...

I find the debate over steroids to be fascinating, actually. Personally, I don't care whether someone is using steroids. I'm not THAT tied into sporting records or wins that it personally affects me. That said, I totally get the response from terrence above and a lot of my friends feel the same way. In my view, if that is what someone wants to do, so be it. They will likely have health problems later, and that is their problem.

Anonymous said...

I think watching freaks in sport is alot more interesting really, Drugs or not.I think that the effects of steroid and other performance enhancing drugs should be presented in a non-biased way though. The media and medical profession sceremonger too much and recreational users play down the side effects, and big up the results. Some sort of education, with-out prejudice, would I think steer more people away from drugs than on to them.