Thursday, May 15, 2008

600lb one arm bench press

This video is kicking around the internet at the moment, but I think it deserves a wide exposure.

At the APF/AAPF Master's Nationals held May 4 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Mike Hummel, 242, bench pressed 600 pounds as an M1. That, in itself, is not an insignificant achievement. Even more impressive, Hummel did it with only one arm. Hummel lost his left arm a few years ago at the mid-forearm. After extensive rehabilitation, he began training again and with the help of a prosthetic is able to compete. The prosthetic features a hinge and screw clamp, allowing him to "grip" the bar. Here's video of Hummel's feat:

Amazing. Ross makes some good comments on this in the context of thinking about people's general negativity in "Life is tough, deal with it"

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