Friday, June 13, 2008

how to lift a kettlebell some passionate corners of the internet, there is a strange and at times almost theological debate ongoing regarding the "correct" way to lift a kettlebell.

The standard (hard style) swing is as follows:

The other (GS) swing is as follows:

Scott Sonnon has posted quite a nice balanced analysis of the different approaches

Round or Flat Back to Lift?

Moynihan Institute makes some typically robust comments:

Apparently some of the kettlebell enthusiasts from the salad days traveled to Eastern Europe only to discover that people there lift kettlebells differently, maybe even more efficiently than they were taught by Pavel. This set off a revolution of sorts. Some have chosen their camps and gotten on with life. Others are not content unless they are flinging shit and prodding the monkey with a sharp stick. Most rational people don’t give a flying f*** because they realize that kettlebells are simply 1 out of about 9,000 different tools at their disposal to get fit. They are no more or less effective than push-ups or pull-ups or barbell squats in getting you fitter depending of course on what your goals are. Long cycle clean and jerks are not the most effective exercise a fighter can do…there is no single most effective exercise. If a fighter or any other athlete does one exercise long enough he will start to experience diminishing returns. There is no best anything when it comes to fitness and there their never will be. It all works to a certain extent.

Different styles are just different styles. It doesn’t always have to be a matter or right or wrong. Most rational people embrace this is without issue.

Personally I like the hardstyle approach.

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