Friday, August 1, 2008

An undiscovered talent

Fat burning muscle fast!!!

Yeah right. You'll have seen the adverts! Usually you have to sign up to a newsletter to get any information and then your in-box will be permanently occupied with sales letters masquerading as research updates or fitness tips. There are many self-proclaimed experts in the area of strength and conditioning out on the interwebs, usually selling you a course with a long sales letter and special offers that are always just about to expire. (To be honest, I actually point to one such programme on this page - and while I think the advertorial stuff is dire the material is actually pretty good for beginners).

There are however a few excllent coaches out there putting out good material. They do not go in for the corny marketing, but the material is there and it stands up for itself. Dan John is an obvious example, but I wanted to point you to another - Bryce Lane.

Bryce is a strength and conditioning coach / trainer working from somewhere in California who has some unique little programmes:

There are loads of free articles on the Strength, endurance and flexibility page.

Bryce has also written some superb booklets on flexibility, bodyweight routines, power and periodisation. These are incredible value.

Check out his stuff.

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