Monday, November 3, 2008

how to nap....

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From the Boston Globe via Make


Marc said...

Hi Chris,

I've always and will always nap.
I take 10 minute naps in my office around 2-3. I close my door, kick my feet up and I'm gone in 30 seconds.

Off topic;
Dips and weighted dips.
What's your opinion?
Have a great day.

Chris said...

Hi Marc

I realy like dips. I've always been stronger in them than the Bench press and they feel a more functional move. When I'm climbing / scrambling the ability to support myself in that position is really useful.

The problem is getting good bars to use at a gym. you can improvise various options but a solid set of dip stands are great.

I usually take a fairly narrow grip - too wide puts a lot of stress on the shoulders. Weighted with a dumbell held between the knees to keep the reps low.

Sometimes I'll do a timed isometric hold in with elbows at 90 degrees for 30 seconds.

Marc said...

Thank you!
Dips don't hurt me....but since I do a good amount of them, I started thinking about my shoulder joint/socket and got curious if I was doing damage.

I'm going to try the isometric hold. I've never done that. (although I do at times, do very deliberate slow ones)
Have a great day...big day here in the USA.