Thursday, November 6, 2008

Slosh Pipe

I'm not sure where I first came across the Slosh Pipe. I think it was this article by Dan John. It is a great idea and one day - if I get a bigger flat or one with a garden I'll have to build one to play with.

The Slosh Pipe keeps getting recommended in different places. Mark Sisson wrote about it last week.

The slosh tube makes simple movements difficult. It makes you work hard for motions that you take for granted as a Primal fitness head. Even better, using a slosh tube doesn’t quite feel like a traditional workout. It’s fun and different. And isn’t that what effective workouts are all about? Tricking your body into performing hard work, and enjoying it?

Here is Rob putting it to work on one of his athletes.

And here is a strong girl walking with the pipe


Keith Norris said...

I like to combine sprints, slosh pipe lunges and caber tosses for what I call the Paleo Sprint, Heave and Haul workout. It's a great contrast and compliment to weight work.

terrence said...

Hi Chris. Have you heard about this legal suit regarding Crossfit? Mind you, many Americans will sue a fire hydrant.

It seems to me, the ex-sailor took no responsibility, and the trainer may not have been great.

Ex-sailor wins lawsuit over CrossFit workout

The Associated Press
Posted : Monday Oct 13, 2008 7:52:48 EDT

MANASSAS, Va. — A former Navy information systems technician has been awarded $300,000 after suing a Manassas gym over an exercise program he says left him permanently disabled.

Makimba Mimms, 29, of Bristow says the CrossFit workout he did in 2005 caused him to urinate blood and his legs to swell.

Mimms sued Manassas World Gym, where he did the workout; Ruthless Training Concepts, a CrossFit affiliate at the time; and a Ruthless employee who administered the workout. A Prince William County jury found all three defendants liable Wednesday.

The CrossFit program is popular in law enforcement and military circles but has been criticized as dangerous. It involves timed, high-intensity strength training with little or no rest or water between sets.

Chris said...


thanks for the comment. I follow your blog and love to read about your workouts.



Chris said...


Yes I was aware of that. One of my bad habits is to lurk around the IronGarm discussion board where they have a pretty low view of Crossfit , although to be fair it is Mr Glassman that is really unpopular.

Did you see the Tnation piece on Crossfit?

Mike Boyle and Gray cook also discuss Crossfit here:

I think Crossfit has some good ideas but you need to be careful and scale things well.

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