Friday, December 5, 2008

Anyone got any Leucine?

Leucine for retention of lean mass on a hypocaloric diet

ABSTRACT As obesity rates continue to climb, there is a pressing need for novel weight loss techniques. However, the energy-restricted diets recommended for weight loss typically result in significant amounts of lean tissue loss, in addition to the desired body fat loss. Leucine, a supported anticatabolic agent, has shown promise in research at many levels. First, leucine is known to stimulate the mammalian target of rapomycin pathway, which initiates translation and protein synthesis in muscle cells. Furthermore, leucine may help to regulate blood glucose levels by promoting gluconeogenesis. Finally, several recent studies provide evidence that leucine aids in the retention of lean mass in a hypocaloric state. The aim of this paper is to review relevant leucine research in the three areas described and assess its potential as supplement for obese individuals.


Charles R. said... has both leucine and all three branch chain aminos.

But be warned, they taste awful, and are hard to dissolve. Although I've never tried just leucine.


Branch chains with leucine:

(I don't work for iHerb, I jsut ahve been buying supplements from them for years, and they have great prices. But as always, do your own research and compare.)

I've been taking a lot of glutamine, especially at bed time, and that seems to have had good effects. I eat a fairly low calorie diet for my size (6-3,200), and I maintain my strength.

Anonymous said...

The abstract doesn't seem to list the conclusion?