Tuesday, December 30, 2008

High Fat Diet for Longevity

Art DeVany mentioned this the other day.

The world's oldest person has just died at 115.

Here are some interesting quotes from the news report:

Parker lived by herself on the family farm until she was 100. At that lofty age, she could still climb a ladder to fix a light, grandson Donald Parker said Thursday. When her family learned she was still climbing ladders, they persuaded her to move in with relatives.
Parker especially enjoyed eggs, sausage, bacon and fried chicken. "I guess we'll have to rethink lard," Daniels quipped after hearing about her high-fat diet.

Parker, who credited her longevity to various factors, including education, remained relatively free of health problems in her last years. According to family members, she took few medications and at 113 could still walk.


cam said...

The oldest man in America, George Francis, also died this past week. Here's an article I read about him last year detailing some of his unhealthy eating habits.



Anonymous said...

On the other hand....


Chris said...


I saw that news piece somewhere else and I can see where you are coming from. Without the study however it is hard to make much of it - it was in mice, it is not clear what the "high fat diet" consisted of and there are lots of suppositions from the researchers.

These two old people are just 2 data points from which we shouldn't extrapolate, but it is interesting to see what they ate and that they lived so long.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly paleo but hey what works works! I guess from a farm all that stuff will be pretty unprocessed!