Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vitamin D and protection from cardiovascular disease

I posted something about vitamin D a few days ago.

Dr Briffa has more:

More research links vitamin D with protection from cardiovascular disease

Vitamin D deficiency was associated with a 20 per cent increased risk of cardiovascular disease after accounting for so-called confounding factors (such as age, sex, physical activity, body mass index, smoking status and presence of high blood pressure and/or diabetes). The authors of the study conclude that “These results indicate a strong and independent relationship of 25(OH)D deficiency with prevalent CVD in a large sample representative of the US adult population.”

This study adds further to the body of evidence which links vitamin D with protection from cardiovascular disease. And it further reminds me of the need to ensure good levels of this nutrient in the body throughout the year. Winter time for many of us can spell danger here, because of reduced sunlight exposure of our skin.

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Anonymous said...

FISH OIL!!! Its the only way other than sun. Oh and bone marrow (I think).