Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sonnon on Mobility

I'm really getting into Scott Sonnon's joint mobility work. It is smoothing out some of the kinks in my body and helping with the everyday aches and pains. He has a lot of free videos and tutorials on his site and on Youtube and the free ebook he has (download here if you don't want to subscribe to his list) is worth reading.

Here he is explaining the background:

I am tending to do a short mobility routie everyday now and befoe every workout, to get things loose. I am not sure of the science behind this, but it feels good!


Marc said...

Hey Chris,

I'm liking the new look of the blog.

Scott sonnon's stuff is very interesting. He got a bad rap for a while in the martial arts community...not sure why. He always seemed straightforward to me.


thefightgeek said...

I've been playing with Sonnon's mobility stuff for a while. It has really helped loosen me up quite a bit.

Anyway, thanks for putting together such a great blog ... I've really found your links very useful.

keep up the great posts!


Chris said...

Thanks Marc - I'm just playing around with new templates. Blogger can be a pain sometimes, but I can't face shifting over to something else.

Some of Sonnon's "theology" is a bit odd, but the actual methods he proposes are sound I think.

Chris said...

Geek - thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clips and the links, Chris. Mobility is something I never pay enough attention to, and I always wind up paying the price a time or two each year. You'd think that after 30+ years in the game, I'd have figured it out, huh? I think I've just found my new year's resolution.