Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Warrior Diet, Warrior Posture

Continuing the posture theme,I remembered reading this in Ori's Warrior Diet book. Ori's book is about intermittent fasting (specifically under eating for 20 hours and overeating for 4 hours - in the evening) but he does dicsuss other things such as training and posture.

Some elements of this fit with the model that I've been putting up here in recent days:
  • chest not pushed out
  • back ever so slightly bent forward.
Not sure about the abs. Esther has you flexing your "inner corset" rather than your abs.

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OwenB, Australia said...

Google under egoscue if you havent already- has a web site (www.egoscue.com) which gives you an idea about his model. Has written several books (with a rumour of new one on the way- or so I've heard.)
PS Thanks for putting up the other posture authors as I hadnt stumbled across them and well... you can always learn more.