Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting Fit with Britain's medal winners

This weekend the Guardian and Observer had an interesting feature with a series of articles about the training routines of several of Britain's medal winners from the last Olympics.

It concentrates on Running, Cycling and Swimming. There are an interesting set of articles there if you like such stuff.

If you flick through the training diaries of the athletes I think it interesting how often they do powercleans and powersnatches. I also liked Diver Tom Daly's routine too. His warm up looked fun:

5.30–9pm: I start with a warm-up game of "wall tennis" with my coach (playing squash with your hands), then I start weight conditioning.....

I remember playing that game as a kid. Anyway, take the time to look through the whole feature - there is good stuff there.


Anonymous said...

"...I think it interesting how often they do powercleans and powersnatches."

Oh there is *most definitely* a reason for this ;)

I can't think of two better exercises than these (and their derivatives) for boosting explosive power generating capacity. And athletics boils down to technique and power generation.

Chris said...

I totally agree keith. If you ask the man in the street about weight training they will think of the bench or curls but the athletes - who know what they are doing (or at least their coaches do) - give power exercises a big profile