Friday, January 9, 2009

Gymnastics and Paleo

Natural Messiah is a good blog that I have have in my RSS Reader. It has a "paleo" bias in terms of diet and exercise, but the guy that writes it is a thinker who does not blindly adopt any template without thinking it through:

................ those who follow a paleo model - .......{must} maintain an evidence-base for their paleo-oriented beliefs. I want to make sure that my exercise and nutritional patterns are at worst non-detrimental to my health and so continually try to record, measure and adjust my current model as appropriate.

One of the things he was musing on today was whether basic gymnastic moves were "paleo", I think he concluded that they were not, but that fundamental gymnastic moves were still fantastic exercises:

gymnasts train with basic movements and holds that can involve contractions throughout the whole body. Planches, Body Levers, Muscle Ups and HSPUs are simply fantastic kit-free exercises. Add a sprint on to the end and you have a complete workout right there! ............I still want 'paleo baseline strength', but we can clearly gain from movements that would be curious to anyone in a loincloth!

I know what he means! I am constantly amazed by the strength and balance of gymnasts. Look at this young boy:

I keep meaning to Get Sommers' new book Building the Gymnastic Body to learn some basics.


Vasco said...

hi Chris,
I got the book just 2 days ago and can only recommend it! I've tried some gymnastic movements in the past following some of Tim's tutorials at BeastSkills, and never got very far (mostly due to lack of consistency probably), but there are very useful progressions in Coach Sommers book that I was already able to use today. In case you haven't noticed, Robb Wolf has a review of the book on his blog.

Chris said...

Thanks Vasco - I think I'll order the book next week

Anonymous said...

I ponder the same thing, vis-a-vis weight lifting exercises. I think that the more the exercise (be it body weight, or otherwise) skews toward the power realm, the closer it approximates a "primal" exercise.

Son of Grok said...

Gymnasts look great and are pretty darn functional. I think the balance aspect has a lot to do with it too. One thing I always noticed about gymnasts even when I was a kid though was skinny legs. I would like to have gymnasts body with more leg workouts lol ;-)

The SoG

Chris said...

I've ordered the book now and will put a review up once I've read it

Asclepius said...

Just found this link to the MovNat website:

They have everything in the vid from wrestling and fighting to running, jumping, throwing and climbing.

They don't touch on gymnastics thought. I reckon that will change....! ;)

Reckon you might like it!

Chris said...

I do like it! What a fantastic video!

I found a similar theory a while ago but I cant find it now. It was French - movement naturale or something like that. The idea that you need to be fit to run, swim ,etc...

Found it:

Methode Naturelle! Google that and enjoy


by the way I started practicing a frog stand tonight

Anonymous said...

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