Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Natural Messiah's mobility routine.

I've put a few posts up recently about the importance of joint mobility. In particular I've pointed towards Maxwell's Daily Dozen and Sonnon's free IntuFlow booklet.

Blogger Asclepius of the Natural Messiah blog had a good post up today on his own warm up / mobility routine. It is a really good approach to warming up and promoting mobility: Warm up Routine

All good dynamic stuff. Which is important because research keeps coming that indicates that static stretching is not a good warm-up strategy!

Here is a new study: Effects of Static Stretching on Repeated Spint and Change of Direction Perfrmance

Conclusion: These results suggest that an acute bout (4 min) of static stretching of the lower limbs during recovery periods between efforts may compromise repeated sprint ability performance but has less effect on change of direction speed performance.


Anonymous said...

My rule of thumb has always been to employ ballistic (stretching) before the workout (and that's any workout, btw -- weights, sprints, et.al), and to use static stretching as part of the cool-down procedure.

Marc said...


I'm with Keith here.
Lately after a hard work out, instead of "stretching" I prefer "hanging"
Varying width and grips, I just hang around for 30 -45 second time periods from a pull up bar/frame.

Cheers Chris.

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