Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Elephant Walk

I've mentioned Steve Maxwell before. Here is his video of a simple move that is actually a lot harder than it looks!

Rannoch (another fan of Maxwell) mentioned something similar in his interview the other day

For the Walkout people start on all fours and simply walk their hands out (like using an ab roller) the ideal is to get to full extension, hold and then walk back. A single rep is usually enough to show up any weakness in engaging the core. From these simple drills we can start to engage the body as a single unit.

You can do so much with bodyweight.


Marc said...

I tried it this morning at the conclusion of my work out.
I got tired after 8.....REAL tired.
I did 2 sets of 8.
I also really enjot Steve's hindu/divebomber pushups.
Thanks for sharing.


Chris said...

These are killer.

There is a great exercise from Mountain Athlete they call the "Mr. Spectacular" that incorporates these.

Start with a pair of dbs, clean them, press them. Return to the ground do one of these walkouts, do a push up and repeat.

Here's a video of them:

Jeff said...

Elephant walk has a double meaning. My rugby team did elephant walks out of the pub they were in. It is a human version of elephants walking in a line where the truck attaches to the tail of next elephant. You can imaging the particular method with naked males. Not pretty and something I never did myself.