Sunday, February 1, 2009

Olympic weightlifter jumps....

an oly lifter called Shane Hamman


efficacious said...

That is amazing. I always read they can jump super high, some of them have verticals of 50"

Anonymous said...

Just imagine the incredible amount of power required to get that big body lifted like that. Oly lifters are fantastic for the first few strides out of the blocks (sprinting) as well. It's all about instantaneous power generation.

Son of Grok said...

WOW! That big boy can jump. Puts me to shame... I better get on it.

The SoG

JB said...

Shane is likely making a vertical jump of the 28" variety, certainly nothing even remotely close to the sky high comment by one or more commenters here.

A 48" standing vertical implies that a 6' tall person can stand below the 10' rim on a basketball court and jump up and bump his head on the rim.

Check the endless quantity of YouTube slam dunk tapes and show me one where anyone gets his head to rim-height EVEN with a running start? Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Marc said...

I like his form.
Ass to ankle and then explodes ...good stuff.


Christopher said...

JB (Brad)

I understand your skepticism about Shane having a 40"+ vertical. And I agree completely that he probably has closer to a 30" vertical at best.
FYI, Mark Henry, the olympic lifter turned professional wrestler, could dunk a basketball.

As for NO ONE having a 48"+ vertical leap I suggest you do a little better surfing of you tube. Here are a few examples:

JB said...


Well... first of all I said "stand" below a 10' rim implying that I was speaking of the mythical standing verticals one hears bandied about at 40", 48" or even more.

And, yes, those film clips make my point: In every instance where the dunker is shown from the side, his head is below the rim ... even with a running start.

There are a few instances on the two tapes I could pull up (others were no longer available) where a camera positioned from the back side (rear) made it look like the athlete's head was > 10', but it is just a matter of that perspective looking that way. The same athlete never had his head a rim height when shown from the side.

Too, a lot of the great basketball dunkers are well over 6' tall. They ARE great jumpers, just not capable of anything close to 48" from a stand.

Anyway, I still vote a solid "no" to someone 6' tall "standing" under a rim and jumping up 48" (4 feet) to tap his head against the bottom of the rim. 6' + 4' = 10'.

No touch of the head = no 48" standing verticals.


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