Sunday, February 1, 2009

IF in the news

The LA Times had a couple of articles on Intermittent Fasting today.

Fasting strategies and pitfalls
For some, it was trial and error before finding the right regimen. The benefits go beyond losing weight.

Running on empty: the pros and cons of fasting
Fasting restricts calories and may benefit your body. Is it a safe way to lose weight?

As ever I tend to point to Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat as a great introduction to the science behind fasting.


Mike T Nelson said...

Wow, IF goes mainstream!

Keep up the great work here!
Rock on
Mike T Nelson

Anonymous said...

"I have found that on the fasting days if I eat anything it triggers more eating. But if I don't eat anything, I don't have an appetite," says Brooks, who lives in Hawaii. "On the next day, I have what I call a controlled binge."


Chris said...

I think the binge thing does go away. I ate a meal on Monday evening and then nothing Tuesday. All day. I ran to the gym and had an hour Krav Maga class. Performed well in terms of fitness and alertness. I was not hungry afterwards and just went to bed.

This morning I was a bit hungry but nothing massive and after some bacon eggs and black pudding was satisfied.

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