Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Its all in the hips.....

A few weeks ago I had a video up of Peter Consterdine demonstrating the double hip motion for getting real power into strikes.

Last night Rannoch - remember Rannoch?... there was an interview with Rannoch - led a class at Krav Maga Edinburgh looking at developing striking power and it is the same is all in the hips. - Firepower.

Here is a video of Rannoch demonstrating how to develop power. It starts at the feet, up through the hips and the whole body is involved.

One analogy that was used was the idea of firing a cannon from a canoe on water or from a solid base. In the canoe there is no foundation, no base. power. With a firm foundation there is something to react against, to push from. It is basic mechanics.

The body is a single unit but sometimes we forget that. (As Dan John says "the body is one piece")

Rannoch and Marcus focussed on teaching us how to use the body as that one piece and generate real, useful power in our striking - with force coming right from the ground up. Punches aren't about your arms but you whole body from the foot through the hips to the shoulder. The techniques weren't fancy or elaborate: they were basic but without solid foundations like that you can't build anything useful.

As ever the teaching was straight forward with the techniques explained, demonstrated and then coached so that all in the class understood what we were doing.


Anonymous said...

As my son is in the middle of baseball season here in the US, it is interesting to note just how few people (even coaches) fail to realize that a powerful batting swing is, in fact, generated from the hips.

Rannoch Donald said...

Chris, thanks for the words about the class. Intersting how the same markers keep appearing.

Developing a foundation, whether it is strength, technique, structure,endurance and using that base as a platform for turning practice into perfromance.

You blog is great Chris, thanks for helping me with my homework!