Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Paleo Posture

More on posture, from Keith at Evfit - a great site that is worth exploring.

Keith from evfit has some interesting thoughts on posture and body shape in general:

As to how I look, I actually make a point of not caring how I look. I value performance first and I'm interested to see what body shape emerges from my activity regime and the diet I eat to deliver the best performance, rather than building an activity regime and diet to deliver a body image. (There were no mirrors in the Pleistocene, so you'd never really know what you looked like.)

........I have endeavoured to build a body that could deliver health, strength, power and endurance, a body that could provide food and protection, on the assumption that food, protection and longevity would have a greater survival value (for female mates) and that those females would be more attracted by what it appeared able to deliver than any other criteria. What you see is the result of my quest for performance, not for appearance.

He also points to the appearance of Erwan Le Corre who I recently interviewed.

Only a perfect body could perform the way Erwan Le Corre demonstrates in this video. In doing so he also sets up the criteria for judging what a perfect male body should be able to do (not only what it looks like). Form will follow function. Some will run marathons and therefore have a correspondingly different body shape; others will be more heavily muscled through heavy weight training. But humans in the Palaeolithic would not have run marathons or engaged in heavy weight training.


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