Monday, March 2, 2009

The wiggle in your walk.

I hope this doesn't sound too pervy.

Thinking about joint mobility I noticed a woman walk past my desk at work the other day with a great gait and a real "wiggle" in her walk. What really struck me was the evident healthy mobility in her pelvis and lower back.

I've been thinking about mobility quite a bit recently and what this walk made me think about was that such mobility is a sign of youth and fitness.....and therefore sexual attractiveness. Older people are not mobile - they do not move the same but they are "solid" and their movements look less fluid.

Keeping mobility keeps you looking young.....and attractive.



Anonymous said...

"the evident healthy mobility in her pelvis and lower back."

Hahaha! Made my day :)

Chris said...

I knew I'd sound like a perv ;-)

Marc said...

I think you're spot on with this one!
Devany has talked about this also years ago.
Where I live, I'm outnumbered by a much older population. There are older woman that catch my eye's that wiggle you describe that seperates them from their peers. My girlfriend is 29 as a side I do not spend my day oogling older ladies ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, many years back, when I mentioned this to my Anatomy Prof, he glared at me as if I was a perv. Nevertheless, Gray's Anatomy (the textbook) taught me indirectly that this fluidity comes from a perfect rhythm and balance between the gluteus medius on either side. When the body is weighted on one leg, the pelvis tends to sink on the other side. The gluteus medius of the supported side acts to keep the pelvis from sinking. The reverse happens when the weight shifts to the other side. OF course, there are lots of other factors important here, like the integrity of the hip joint, the low back, etc., but the beauty is more evident in the wide-hipped lady (oo-la-lala)!
In those patients with a disturbance of any of these mechanisms, the walk is more waddling, something called a Trendelenburg sign.
Discaimer: I am not an orthopod, I am a Benjamin, sorry Belly, Button surgeon.
(back to lurking)

BEELifestyle said...

Hilarious! And fascinating when things that our bodies are naturally attracted to end up being directly correlated to health- it's going back to our very 'primal' roots when choosing a mate had to do with choosing a healthy breeding partner.

On a side note - I'm going to remember this every time I take a stroll.


AlanL said...

I had the choice of two subway stations to get off at on my way home from work today, depending on which errand I wanted to do first. So I chose the one where the babe with the evident healthy mobility got off in front of me. Does this make me a perv too?

Chris said...

Don't worry Alan - sounds fine to me!