Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Exercise Demos from Keith

Keith from Theory to Practice has just posted some great exercise demonstration videos on his Youtube channel.

Keith is a pretty gifted athlete and a good and inspiring writer who really makes you think. It is worth checking out.

Here is an example


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the exposure, Chris. My plan is to make this a work in progress, continually adding to this "clip list" as I'm able. I hope folks find them instructive.

Chainey said...

No offence (truly), but I'm kind of perplexed by what that video was trying to illustrate, other than of course someone jumping over some hurdles.

It looks pretty much like how I would jump over hurdles if I ever found myself wanting to. So I don't think I've learned anything.

Scott Kustes said...

Hurdle hops are a good exercise, but the average person is not prepared for this. These type of plyometrics are extremely hard on connective tissues. It's very, very easy to injure yourself getting into hard plyos too quickly...I know because I did it last year and I'm probably in far better shape than the average person.

Just use caution and start slowly with plyos. Do far less than you think you should.

Scott Kustes
Fitness Spotlight