Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Thanks for the good wishes and suggestions re my back spasms.

Things are a lot better, following some rest, a less stressful few days at work and some deep tissue massage from Colin Gordon here in Edinburgh. Colin is a good guy - he has been a competitive powerlifter and trains in submission wrestling so he knows his stuff when it comes to training related injuries.

He has also done courses in the Anatomy Trains approach - something I've mentioned here before.

Stress is still a big issue for me - I think a lot of it is just in my personality - but sometimes a massage can really alleviate the symptoms.

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Marc said...

I've been very busy and stressed out also. Not just work but a crazy ex-wife on top of it. It actually gave me some type of flue...
I agree massage helps..but I've also dicovered that whenever "life" gets like this....I'm litterally forgettig to breathe. I spend 2 days completely focused and breathing deeply and easily.....now 2 dyas later, my "flue" is magically gone.
Placebo? probably.... ;-)
But just like your massage and your stress....you need to find a way to remove yourself from "life".
Does that make any sense???
Hope you feel better soon!!!