Saturday, August 1, 2009

Extreme Muscle Ups

The Muscle Up has become something of gold standard in upper body gymnastic moves. CrossFit makes a lot of it. Usually done on rings - but also on a high bar - it is basically a pull up followed by a dip.

Fair enough.

These two are taking it to extremes. First of all a guy doing it with one arm.

Then the guy from Beast Skills - a great athlete by the way - shows a progression to this by doing a one arm muscle up with one arm assisting.


mc said...

i love beast skills. and here's a shout out to tyler hass's elite rings featured in beast skills. great gear from a small business and finally available in the uk - free shipping - if you don't mind, chris. I just love these things, and admire tyler's business efforts.

and for those who haven't tried rings - they're a blast.


Chris said...

That is fine mc - great to have you visit here. I was talking to Rannoch about you on Tuesday. We both really enjoy your writing and it has got us thinking about Z. Rannoch is certainly looking more into that

All the best


Elliot Wilson said...

This sounds like a great exercise, I just down have the room to put rings up that high (with that much head room) around my house. I guess that's a reason why strength trainers still need to step back into a gym sometimes.

Maybe I'll have to find a tall branch on an overhanging tree somewhere...