Thursday, July 30, 2009

Born to Run

I've mentioned this book before. Highly recommended. Here is the author explaining more.

Hat tip to Recover your stride


Marc said...


Thanks again for bringing this book to my attention. It was a fantastic read....and stayed with me weeks after reading it.

Charles R. said...

Second your recommendation.

I picked it up just because I'm interested in training. It was a great read.

Then I went out and ran around a track for the first time in a couple of decades. In my Vibrams. The next couple of days I waited for my knees to hurt or ankles or something. Nothing hurt.

This was really interesting because I had gone out to do some sprints in the grass, in running shoes, in the grass. For a week after that, everything hurt. But running in basically bare feet on an asphalt track, nothing hurt except my calve muscles a bit--but no joints hurt.

Maybe a coincidence, but I'm going to keep trying it.